Hudson Mind | On International Women’s Day: #WomenTechTheLead
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06 Mar On International Women’s Day: #WomenTechTheLead

On Women’s International Day (March 8th), the French Consulate of New York will host an exceptional conference about Women in Tech. 

What if Mark Zuckerberg had been named Mary Zuckerberg or Steve Job, Stephanie Job? They might not have succeeded in finding investments to create their companies and the USA would be deprived purely and solely of $63 billion of net profits per year.

Inequalities between men and women are clearly visible in the Tech sector. It is still incredibly challenging for women to create their own firm and find serious investments. Yet, some of them did found their tech business and achieved their goal. Indeed, women’s presence in the Tech industry increases 238% quicker than men and several studies explain how women achieve better statistics when they take the lead of a firm. Something seems to be happening in this area and being a woman could become a real advantage.

What kind of background is necessary? How can this tough obstacle course be managed? French and American leaders of the Tech ecosystem will discuss it in the feminine form. Because at Hudson Mind we believe in diversity and support Women entrepreneurship, join us to celebrate women’s power and potential!

More info: Click here.

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