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06 Apr Digital Coaching & SEO Training Session

At Hudson Mind, we believe in organic efforts and virtues, including long-lasting SEO benefits. Wether you want to remain leader of your industry or face a growth hacking phase, leveraging SEO science to boost your online presence remains crucial. Check out those 11 – non exhaustive – golden rules. To learn more, contact us.

1. Assess your page speed and improve when necessary.

2. Create useful and unique content with added-value while enhancing the user experience.

3. Ensure responsiveness and consistency across devices.

4. Supplement contents with videos, audios or podcasts to increase engagements.

5. Utilize Latent-Semantic Indexing for keyword diversity.

6. Create relevant outbound links for your content.

7. Leverage trusted domains to market your content and focus on quality links over quantity.

8. Leverage social media to build viral content that links back to your domain.

9. Don’t compete for over crowded keywords, focus on niche.

10. Update your Site on a regular basis.

11. Last but not least, follow Google’s On-Site Optimization Guidelines. Stay tuned!

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