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Digital Coaching & SEO Training Session

At Hudson Mind, we believe in organic efforts and virtues, including long-lasting SEO benefits. Wether you want to remain leader of your industry or face a growth hacking phase, leveraging SEO science to boost your online presence remains crucial. Check out those 11 - non...

women in tech hudson mind
On International Women’s Day: #WomenTechTheLead

On Women’s International Day (March 8th), the French Consulate of New York will host an exceptional conference about Women in Tech.  What if Mark Zuckerberg had been named Mary Zuckerberg or Steve Job, Stephanie Job? They might not have succeeded in finding investments to create their...

Happy 2017
Happy 2017

Wishing you beautiful moments, treasured memories, exciting challenges and all the blessings a heart can know. Happy New Year!...

The French American Digital Lab

Co-produced by the French Embassy and Business France in collaboration with the Made in NY Media Center by IFP, Top startup founders from the French fashion & design technology community are coming to New York next week to learn how to scale like an American startup.  Hudson Mind CEO, Lucie Calschi,...

HudsonMind Innovation Chat Bots
Disrupt Your Customer Experience thanks to Chat Bots

All the geeks and nerds like (ro)bots. Even more today while the CRM science enters a new galaxy of opportunities. Opportunity to discuss and get connected with your customers, anywhere and anytime. Let us introduce the BOTS revolution to you. Or how conversational interfaces will replace apps. What is a...

Wix Challenge Final Round in Paris

The final round of  Wix Challenge happened on July, 4th 2016 in Paris Pionnières, a famous Parisian startup incubator. Participants were required to create a new business and design a Wix website in order to introduce their company, project and business model. After 4 months of work, 5...

Launch of our Preferred Partners Program, an innovative Marketplace service

Great things happen when the right solution meets the right need: Get amazing results from a talented professional team of skilled experts. Hudson Mind’s unique platform-optimized development model allows for higher quality, lower costs, and a smoother experience than alternative services. Hudson Mind Preferred Partners specialize in...

Hudson Mind Partners with Dune Tech Group

Hudson Mind is proud to announce its partnership with Dune. Dune Tech Group is a team of experienced and enthusiastic entrepreneurs who have been creating and managing Digital, IT and Tech companies in the United States and all around the world for the past fifteen years. Our mission is...

Hudson Mind Supports Mix & Wix Challenge
Boost Your Startup – Hudson Mind Supports Mix & Wix Challenge

Hudson Mind Partners with Wix and Supports Mix & Wix Challenge.   No matter what your major is - marketing, communications, business, engineering or design, you probably have tons of ideas! All you need is a little help to make them real. Hudson Mind partners with Wix, Girls in Tech...