Hudson Mind | About the company
Any digital challenge? We help you reach and engage your audience, empower your brand and outperform your goals. From consulting to big data, we will design a five-star tailor-made solution based on your own needs and story.
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We help our clients deploy digital strategy and leverage technology to reach and engage their audience, empower their brand and outperform their business goals.

Thanks to 20+ years of business & digital experience on 3 continents – America, Europe & Asia – we serve our clients worldwide with a strong understanding of New-York business challenges.


For them, we design high-end digital solutions – based on a reliable and flexible technology – that empower their brand and uplift their sales.

Our DNA? At Hudson Mind, we believe in creative thinking and daring ideas, user centrism and data-driven decisions.

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We believe in GTD, automation, transparency. Our process and work ethic are aligned with our beliefs.

  • 01. CONCEPT

    Listen carefully. Identify opportunities.

  • 02. PLAN

    Define strategy. Uncover insights. Chart a course.

  • 03. DESIGN

    Envision the experience.

  • 04. DEVELOP

    Build & integrate. Test. Make it work.

  • 05. DEPLOY

    Launch. Drive traffic. Evaluate. Improve. Amplify.